A girls style guide to a California coast road trip

Road trips are one my favourite ways to travel, and of course I love my style to have some sassiness, chill & fun. Shop 4 perfect outfits for the ultimate road trip.


I decided to ban the word DETOX. It’s more of a lifestyle choice.

A healthy me is a happy me. Let me start by saying by no means do I exercise to look like muscle woman. Hell no. I exercise because I love the way it makes me feel.


How to dress: Fruiten up your summer look

You are, literally, what you eat this season. Tomatoes, plums, lemons and tangerines, you name it. Fruit and veg are this years’ pattern of choice!


10 Fact’s About Me – Way’s I create & maintain a positive life

‘Your attitude determines the state of the world you live in.’ I’m sharing 10 juicy facts about moi and the type of attitude I have towards certain aspects of my life.


We all have them…Insecurities

True to form!…style is a fascinating way to tune into who you are, understand who we are not, be creative, and express our inner selves. But also empowerment to make one feel beautiful and abandon those insecurities.


How to ‘dress’ the part this summer with H&M?

An exotic fruit basket instantly spells summer. So, too, when served in H&M’s sunshine variety. Expect nothing less but bright styles!