styledbydhillon is a fast growing authentic fashion brand developed by the founder, Tejinder Kaur Dhillon. Because aside from branding, authenticity is Tejinder’s 2017 buzzword.

‘I’m not going to put my name to something random, it needs to feel real’.

Tejinder is a fearless fashion and beauty expert with a penchant for exploring seasonal trends and celebrity style. She has a sharp eye for detail, able to produce images that capture emotion authentically and showcase her personal style.

Her brand, styledbydhillon, came to life in 2016.  This was a defining moment for Tejinder, having always regretted turning down an offer at London College of Fashion. Rather then dwelling on the past, she finally made a change (a change that took 12 years to realise) and pursued a new venture (this sounds so cliché, but it’s true.) She is very proud to launch a fashion brand and blog, which allows her to discover her own style and communicate without saying a word.

Tejinder wants to become a beacon of fashion in her own right. After years of trend following, mishaps and wrong purchases she is a true pioneer of discovering personal style and takes each look very seriously. For Tejinder, it boils down to branding, collaboration with brands, the daily photos she takes and how to grab your attention.

She has values!

Tejinder was born in 1985 and raised in London. She is of Indian, Sikh decent and very proud of her ethnicity and background.

She is a true London girl! And being part of a city that provides so much culture gives her incredible confidence and enthusiasm to blog about her style in her own home town.

Tejinder’s parents were both immigrants originally from Punjab (Northern India) and entered the UK in 1981. They both left their homes that offered very little opportunity to live in London, which offered a better life and, most importantly, one that would allow their children to reap the benefits of a good education and lifestyle.

Family is a very important sentiment to Sikhs and for Tejinder her family’s support is the key to her motivation and success to date.

Tejinder’s father always encourages her to strive for the best and to follow her dreams no matter what the circumstances are, and to do it gracefully.

Although she is a westernised Indian living in London, Tejinder’s parents continue to remind her of her roots and heritage and that these should be important factors to consider in life and the life choices that she makes.

She sets herself apart…

The purpose of styledbydhillon is for Tejinder to be able to share her sense of fashion and lifestyle. Therefore, it is so important that you communicate with her and share your stories as she would love to get to know her followers, in her eyes you guys are not just followers but are her supporters. She’s committed to keeping up the flow of the strong outfit posts that her followers love.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. Tejinder is really excited to guide you through her new adventure. Xxx