10 Fact’s About Me – Way’s I create & maintain a positive life

‘Your attitude determines the state of the world you live in.’ I’m sharing 10 juicy facts about moi and the type of attitude I have towards certain aspects of my life.

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”Even if –at any given time–your choices of action are limited, your choices regarding your attitude are not. Always choose a positive attitude”

This maybe just the cliche blog of all bloggers, but I still think it’s great way to highlight my pet peeves, things I love and generally a whole load of random stuff without boring you to death! And most importantly for you to relate and connect with me.

So here it goes… 

1. I’m very independent and a self sufficient type of person. I would rather get things done on my own and know that their done. Kind of a perfectionist I guess.

2. Gardening has recently become one of my passions. For me gardening is so therapeutic and I really enjoy planting flowers and cutting my lawn, it kind of provides me with a sense of satisfaction and relaxes my mind – especially after a stressful day and I think it’s surprisingly great for the mind. I love being surrounded by lovely flowers all the time (I’m sure you’ve probably noticed my obsession with flowers too).

3. When it come’s to food I am literally obsessed with chips, they are my biggest weakness and taste even better with cheese – they are just too delicious!

‘Life is made up of tiny victories and simple pleasures’  

4. Surrounding myself around positive people is super important to me. I prefer socialising with people that uplift, bring positivity to my life and soul. If I’m positive I truly can see positive results.

5. I live by to do lists! I have like 100 lists for 100 different things happening in my life. My blogging stuff, home stuff, family stuff and general errands. I’m the biggest organised freak ever, slightly OCD I’d say. Oh and I physically prefer to write lists on paper, and the satisfaction of crossing things off my list is so thrilling.

6. Since I’m a summer baby I always like the sunshine. I get a genuine inner happiness when I see the sun and I’m miserable when it rains and I hate the cold.

7. Being eco-friendly for me is like a natural sense of responsibility. I absolutely will not litter because I truly want the environment around me to feel and look clean. I lose it when people around me litter.

8. Although I’m a fashion blogger I also work full-time as a Marketing Manager. Like most I have bills to pay!

9. I’m not a morning person at all (I know it’s awful). I’m usually quite grumpy and moody first thing, however coffee usually does the trick.

10. I believe this one is the most important. I take all your comments and engagement very seriously, so when you comment or like my posts it gives me great satisfaction knowing that my works being noticed. I will continue thanking you for being super supportive!

I really hope you enjoyed this one, it was super short and insightful! Make sure to comment and let me know facts about you! 🙂

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Until next time my beauts, but before I go I will leave you with this thought “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude toward us.”