Discovering your sense of colour

Colours are here to stay this season and recently there has been a extravagance to discover the season’s loveliest colours.

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I never thought I’d be the one ravishing in colour! My style has transformed to flourish! And I’m even more determined to capture ‘my sense of colour’.

Hello my lovelies! Before I get started I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for sending me such sweet messages and supporting me through this new and exciting journey.

I really hope you enjoy reading today’s blog as much as I’ve enjoyed expressing my new found love and appreciation for all things colour!

If you’ve wanted to stray away from your safe shell-colours, this is the season to be ballsy and find your love for a pop of colour and go above and beyond – because colour is here to stay!

I found introducing colours to my soul and wardrobe was both a daunting and a challenging experience. Often my hubby would look at me with complete blankness when dressed head to toe in black. It’s now quite amusing imagining him roll his eye’s at me – ‘like seriously Tejinder wear something with colour’, you won’t believe me when I say; he would often order floral printed trousers or skirts and contrasting coloured blouses for me to wear – a total desperation to add colour to my outfits. It didn’t quite work though; I felt too comfortable in black and was often paranoid about people staring at me like ‘why is this freak wearing so much colour’ – especially at work? Have you ever felt that way? Or was it just me?

All I can say is; thing’s have changed over the past year!

I can tell you now colour isn’t just for off-duty looks. My style has evolved significantly to add more versatility – trust me when I say ‘black’ was always my go to colour. Of course ‘black’ is the easiest and simplest option to style and wear (and don’t get me wrong, I still wear black), but honestly adding colour to my outfits and style is so much fun, effortless and exhilarating.

I like it when I style looks with colours, it’s almost like a serum of strength. So if I’m feeling down, I wear something with colour to lift my mood. I welcome colour with open arms, and lucky for me playful colours are here to stay this season

I’ve totally perked my spring wardrobe to add more colour, textures and cuts. Cropped sweatshirts combined with bright jeans are my go to styles. I love simple pared- down stylish clothes to take me through the day, whatever it throws at me.

As a die-hard fan of bright and beautiful extravagant hues, Zara’s new spring/summer 2017 collection is one that exudes this season’s loveliest colours. I have a total ‘blush crush’, it’s clear that Zara have totally nailed the seasonal trend and created the most attention this season. Personally I just feel they can do no wrong! If it were up to me, I’d buy the entire store, that’s how much I literally love Zara.

And to show you just how wearable and pretty these colours can be shaped and styled, I couldn’t help but contract this style. Zara’s green cropped sweatshirt is assertive yet elegant; I love balancing vibrant colours with fluted sleeves for a more sophisticated approach. The green pastel hues are nothing but perfection especially combined with the high waist Zara green jeans, which for me ‘really flatter my silhouette’.

Of course accessorise, accessorise! – Sport a pair of striking shades.

By now most of you must have seen how much I adore wearing sunglasses (I must admit, sometimes to hide behind the camera). I love accessorising no matter what the occasion. From handbags to jewellery, shoes to sunglasses, so I decided to make a chic statement with this look and pair sunglasses in a jewel-tone shade, like purple (inspired by the punchy options seen on Prada’s spring/summer 2017 runway). I’ve totally fallen for this trend and balanced this outfit with some fabulous retro sunglasses by Tom Ford. Obviously, at all costs I avoid looking clownish by choosing classic frames that are in proportion to my face- not oversize, especially since I have a tiny face! Don’t you think these are so sophisticated?

Don’t you also find accessories can either contrast with the colour palette of your outfit or be a statement piece that stands out and offers a little fun and personality to a simple outfit?

Now, let your shoes do all the talking??? 

I love curating looks that are ‘well heeled’ and to put my best foot forward in a pair of sassy heels, to make bold impressions with the shoes I wear and really pop an outfit. Coloured velvet is the most luxurious trend and as rich and luxe as the velvet fabric itself, so are the bold colours sashaying down the runways. I think bold coloured velvet is making its presence known so ditch the basic black and opt in for a bold colour. Little is more eye – catching with these jewelled coloured Zara velvet lace-up sandals that I’m sporting. These incredible shoes are not just classy but they’re super comfortable too and make this outfit look even more special!

Ladies step in to the season with a mission to style desirable clothes that are effortless but imaginative. Colour and print are so important to me, so I really want to have fun, be bold and optimistic with my styles and really looking forward to sharing these fabulous styles with you!

I hope you enjoyed this one and that I’ve somehow managed to persuade you to add some colour to your style! I literally have so much more planned for this Spring so don’t forget to tune into my Instagram stories and Snapchat @styledbydhillon.

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Until next time sweets xx

Where to shop my look?

Zara Velvet Lace -Up High Heel Sandals

Zara Green High – Rise Jeans

Zara Cropped Sweatshirt with Wide Sleeves

Tom Ford Sunglasses 

Photography by Ben Kapur