What I wore to the Bloggers Festival, London?

Last week I brought you all the pieces I wore and styled in California and this week I’m bringing you my autumnal styles.

No word of a lie. I was hesitating to go in the first place. This was my first ever bloggers event and boy were my anxiety levels hitting the roof.

I didn’t know what to expect and who I’d meet, especially because I was all on my lonesome. But I thought what the heck I’m going anyway! I met so many fantastic influencers, business owners and bloggers alike at the Bloggers Festival hosted by Scarlett London.

What I will say, ‘thing’s happen for a reason’. 

After the show, I sat alone in the hotel foyer sipping my gorgeous cup of coffee until some lovely ladies asked if they could join me. Before I know it I was fine dining with four likeminded women. We literally spent hours ranting about what it’s truly like to live and breath like a blogger and we all just clicked. Complete strangers hitting it off! And can I just say it was absolutely refreshing, invigorating  and enlightening (yes I sound like a shampoo commercial, but it’s true!).

I loved hearing their stories and sharing my own experiences; one subject in particular we touched on was ‘how the world has really changed with social media’. Especially with technology becoming more and more accessible and advanced meaning opportunities for people such as bloggers to voice their opinions and become public influencers. With so many changes and shifting demographics comes an increase of multicultural population, but one fundamental question still remains in my mind…why are so many brands still not opening their eyes or doors to cultural diversity and embracing the talent of different races? So my immediate reaction is to raise awareness and speak my mind – after all I am entitled to my opinion. I’ll be featuring this topic on my YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

What I wore…

Regardless of whether you’re dressed up to the nines, or down to your most natural and lazy, a jewelled jumper dress can really recharge your look. I decided to wear mine with knee high boots (sexy, sassy and effortless). But I’d equally wear this Zara plush dress with a pair of converse, it would look just as awesome. These boots were bought last year from Aldo. Here are some of my recommendations Aldo or Asos.