How to ‘dress’ the part this summer with H&M?

An exotic fruit basket instantly spells summer. So, too, when served in H&M’s sunshine variety. Expect nothing less but bright styles!

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Have you managed to find the one? I’ve met my carefree, flowy goodness for this summer. Call it the wear-everywhere dress – all sizes, all ages and works anywhere, at any time of the day or night.

My loves we all need that one dress that rules all! After what felt like a decade of waiting, summer has finally arrived and I’m ready for a tutti fruity season! 

I always try to invest in dresses that take me through the day to the evening and whilst wearing them I want to feel strong and powerful. What do you think? Wouldn’t you agree? I want to feel good in it in the morning and feel good in it in the evening and the effect of a figure-flattering and down-to-earth elegance is exceedingly amazing for me. The common factor I look at, is that, first and foremost, it’s utterly comfortable and dress-code ready for the occasion.

‘This summer we’re seeing a splurge of florals, garden variety, retro or darkly romantics – and H&M is delivering just that! 

The bright colours, the alluring prints, the romantic shapes – all offer instant escape. Here I am curating a H&M crepe dress from their floral range – a knee-length dress in viscose crêpe with a gorgeous decorative band at the top. If you ask me H&M’s dresses perfectly compromise all ages and all sizes (available in sizes 6-18) and they’re affordable! For me affordability is right on the top of my list and I’m always on the hunt for a good old bargain and guilty of it!

On the other hand whilst I dream about floating around in a Dolce & Gabbana tropical dress it does come down to affordability and reality. I for one can’t afford to splurge on a D&G dress and certainly don’t have bank balance to do so and for now H&M is right up my street!

If there’s one thing psychedelic florals deserve, it’s attention and adding a statement piece should do it. Clashing accessories make the magic happen! Pairing statement rings or earrings is a must – so go for it!

So ladies whether you need a floaty skirt for a lazy BBQ, or a sculpted dress with just the right amount of ‘all eyes on me’ for a glitzy rooftop party, H&M has you covered. I’m guessing the appeal lies within the mixture of unusual clashing prints, and that nice and manageable (but still smart) shape of these dresses.

Photography by Ben Kapur

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