How to layer up like a pro this season

Whether you layer to achieve a certain look or to just stay warm, it never hurts to have fresh combinations on hand. Have a read of my top tips to layer up like a pro.

It’s tempting to throw fashion out of the window and pile on everything in your closet, until your silhouette resembles a snowman.

Don’t worry – I’m here to share some amazing tips. There is an art to mastering a flattering layered look that still manages to keep you warm, cosy and stylish. First and foremost don’t be afraid to add some colour and texture! Just because it’s cold and wet doesn’t mean you need to dress head to toe in black. I for one love wearing colour no matter the season and I’m daring you to do the same.

Here’s my take on how to style a layered look no matter what your budget may be!
1. Texture is key: Drape your cutest jacket or coat over your shoulders and keep your ensemble looking interesting, strong and cosy. The Teddy Coat by NA-KD Fashion is perfect, it has a really soft collar neckline, side pockets, fluffy and soft material (literally like a teddy bear hahahaha) and you definitely want to wear this bad boy on a cold day. If you’re wearing tonnes of layers on your top half,  go for a slimmer silhouette to even out your look with a pair of vinyl pants or short skirt. I have never owned anything vinyl and it took me forever to find the perfect pants. I don’t know why but when I think vinyl, I can’t help but think dominatrix outfits (I’m not judging at all but most people are so afraid to give it a go in public and I was one of them). Send me a message if you want any tips! I’m here to make sure you don’t look like you’re entering a sex dungeon.
2. Wear colour: I will say this again, just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean you can’t wear colour. Welcome colour darlings, colour breaks up a look. Wear a colour that stands out like this Flounce Sleeve Knitted Sweater, which is perfect for keeping yourself warm and looking hot. Rich colours are gorgeous too, opt for emerald greens, ruby reds, dark purples, burgundy or a lovely mustard.
3. Get a larger size: Wear sweaters that are comfortable, stretchy, perhaps with layered sleeves or embellishments. I always prefer buying sweaters that are comfortable and opt for a loose fit, I don’t know why but I really dislike tight fitting sweaters. I want to feel relaxed and look chic at the same time. TIP: don’t be afraid to give the menswear section (or in my case, my husband’s side of the wardrobe!) a quick browse to find something over sized.
4. Wear with confidence:  I’m all for experimenting, but if you are uncertain about your layered look, odds are you won’t feel 100% confident about your look once you’re in public. Last thing you want is to be flustered or fidgety. Here’s a tip: send your BFF a quick picture to reassure you on your outfit decision. Have fun and play around with textures, colours and sizes.

You can all expect to see some more texture and prints this Autumn/Winter season. In the meantime let me know if you’d wear layers? Yay or Nay! xxx