I decided to ban the word DETOX. It’s more of a lifestyle choice.

A healthy me is a happy me. Let me start by saying by no means do I exercise to look like muscle woman. Hell no. I exercise because I love the way it makes me feel.

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Sometimes life just takes over and you kind of lose yourself in the craziness and I know I’m not the only one.

Now we are entering a new season which brings a change in weather and shorter, darker days that ultimately affect our mood. With this mood comes lack of motivation too and the need to overindulge. I have spent the best part of this summer working relentlessly, feeling dog tired, socialising and overeating. In comparison to last year keeping fit and healthy has fallen in to the wood works and it’s easily happened.

 What’s changed…

This month I told myself ‘I have the willpower to pass desserts, quit alcohol, strip out sugar and start exercising again’ – why? Because I know how this lifestyle change would make me feel…I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

My sugar addiction was getting out of control and I reached a point where I needed something sweet after every meal or a late-night chocolate treat. More importantly I started to notice how my skin was looking and genuinely how I felt, my bad eating habits were taking a hold of me and controlling me.

After two weeks how do I feel?

It’s still very early days but the first few days were extremely challenging and I knew it would be going into this. After every meal, I need a sugar fix so I have replaced it with fruit, nuts or carrots. I’ve stocked my fridge with a whole load of healthy goodness; fruits, vegetables, rye bread, eggs and tonnes of meats filled with protein. At work, I keep my Brita Filter on my desk to ensure I am drinking plenty of water and it’s an easy way for me to monitor how much I drink in a day. And whilst grocery shopping I skip the biscuit, chocolate and pastry aisles. I have quickly realised that half the battle is just saying “No!” and reminding myself why I am pursuing this lifestyle change.

I honestly encourage anyone looking to stay fit and healthy to keep a food diary and plan your meals. This is the toughest aspect of sustaining a healthy lifestyle, but plan, plan, plan, I couldn’t stress this anymore. The My Fitness Pal app is helping me reach my goal, whilst monitoring what I eat, it’s a free online calorie counter, diet planner and offers a range of healthy recipes.

Guys, there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging occasionally, but make sure you exercise along with it. After all, life is just too fast paced and on occasions it’s okay to indulge; if you eat a cheat meal on a Friday than any other night of the week or if your idea of being productive means sitting on your couch eating your heart out, it’s perfectly okay. Do what you need to, to survive and don’t beat yourself up if you skipped exercising one day.

I absolutely want to stress for me this new lifestyle change isn’t to loose weight it’s to ‘feel’ good in my mind, body and remain toned. So in no way would I consider this lifestyle change a ‘detox’ because it isn’t. I hate the word detox! It’s so hard to sustain and kind of unhealthy? Wouldn’t you agree? Ultimately it’s a lifestyle choice I’m making. I truly stress eating foods in moderation and some sort of physical exercise to balance it out works wonders.

So now, I’m challenging you guys to do something similar. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and I’ll answer them to the best of my abilities!

I will leave you with one thought my dears…ever heard the expression ‘little but often’, couldn’t be more further from the truth when applied to exercising or generally in life.

Hair styled by Michael Gray Hair & Photographed by Rebecca Spencer  xxx 

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