Let’s talk period: the transition of menstruation from my 20s to 30s

When you feel like your uterus is trying to kill you, and you just want to put an “Out of Order” sign around your neck every month.

Today’s blog is written as a contribution towards TOTM #TalkingPeriods campaign.  Us ladies should be talking periods and why should it be a taboo?! Anyone who has ever menstruated knows that this completely natural, necessary, and inevitable bodily process must run it’s cause.

I’m just taking a guess here, but your period is probably not your favourite monthly event—especially when it gets all weird on you. One month it’s late, the next it’s early; you’re used to a flow lasting four days, then all of a sudden ‘aunty flow decides to hang around for a full week’. Cramps sideline you when you’re caught without pain meds, but once you’re stocked up on Ibuprofen, a hot water bottle and chocolates (your best friend of course) you don’t feel a twinge of discomfort or even in my case methanoic acid.

As a 32-year-old women always on the go, I’ve noticed how significantly my body has changed (weight gain around the middle and mood swings that make my husband just want to hide away). It turns out my periods have also changed drastically from my early 20s compared to my 30s. For the best part of six months my periods have become both brutal and excruciating to the point where I find myself lying on the sofa wide eyed at 4am writhing in pain.

During my 20s the pain would be so minimal, I could be skydiving and I wouldn’t even notice but these days I can barely move off the sofa. I now hate using tampons as they feel far more uncomfortable than they used to, the baggier the clothes the better and when the first day strikes, I’m out cold; symptoms include nausea, dizziness, breakouts and sometimes even struggling to stand.

Things I do now to survive  

Whether you choose to retweet the heck out of hashtag #TalkingPeriods, or read and share TOTM top tips and tricks, there are plenty of ways you can work to support normalizing period talk. Though really, what are you waiting for? Get involved and comment now my loves.

I’ll leave you with this thought ‘wear your period with pride, after all it’s natural and we should embrace it.’ xx

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