What are my spring hair care tips?

Hands down I found my favourite hair care products. Click through to find out about the hair products I depend on this spring to create the shine I need…

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By now I’m sure you’ve noticed I am obsessed with hair. I thought it’s about time I share my spring hair care tips to refresh and revitalise hair.

When it comes to hair care I am all about natural looking, shiny hair. I take great pride in maintaining my hair and making sure it feels lush.

Winter is fading, but your hair is still experiencing its effects. A lack of humidity — whether you were stuck inside an overheated office or braving the subzero temps outdoors — has likely left your strands dry, lackluster, and prone to breakage. So what now? Well, the same way you’d kick up your workouts ahead of bikini season, now is the time to undo the damage and rehab your hair in time for the spring wedding circuit and music festival marathon.  It can be tough on our hair to combat dryness. This is why I’ve reached for oils and hair masks to ensure my hair gets all the nourishment it needs this spring.

Removing buildup from my scalp and dry ends is really important to me, especially during this time of year. Finding the right product that’s strong enough to refresh my scalp and hair without damaging is not easy find, but I’ve finally found something that gets the job done and I wanted to share it with you all.

For the past 6 weeks I have been obsessing over L’Oreal’s Elvive range and I am totally loving the results. There are eight hair care solutions based on the type of treatment your hair needs. I’ve finally found a shampoo and conditioner that agrees with my hair and that’s the ‘Dry Hair’ range.

My love for the L’Oreal’s Elvive Extraordinary Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner has inspired me to try even more L’Oreal products, like the Elvive Extraordinary Oil Masque . I use the masque once every two weeks on wet hair to hydrate and protect my hair from damage. When using this masque I avoid using the hair conditioner. The masque is made with 6 oily flower extracts and leaves my hair feeling super shiny and nourished.

Besides the great L’Oreal products there are four quick tips to boost body, amp up hydration, and restore shine this spring:

  1. Dust up those dead ends: Step one for healthy, fresh-looking hair is axing fried, broken ends. Even if you’re desperately trying to grow your hair out, the only way to eliminate split ends is by dusting them away. Dusting is stylist lingo for a tiny trim that keeps your ends sharp and clean, without really losing any length. I’d recommend dusting every six weeks.
  2. Try not to wash your hair everyday: Shampooing daily can lead to dull colour and dry hair. To switch things up between deep cleans, use a sulfate-free cleansing conditioner to wash on the regular.
  3.  Give your scalp the same TLC as the rest of your skin. The health of your hair is a direct product of how healthy your scalp is. Oils can nourish, and purify your scalp. I recommending using Bajaj Almond Drops Oil. The oil is non-sticky and contains tonnes of Vitamin – E and I recommend using it once a week and leaving on over night.
  4. Give your hair a break from heat. Our hair needs time to repair itself! So once in a while I recommend giving your hair a break from straighteners, hair curlers or hair dryers.

I hope you found these tips super useful. I’m here to answer any questions you may have… email me info@styledbydhillon.co.uk


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