A New Year, Same me and a Baby.

We’re a week in to the year 2020 and I thought it was a good time to wade in with my plans for the year ahead, what I plan to continue doing, or less of and how I hope to make this year another success.

If I wasn’t so excited about the fresh start that comes with the new year and the exciting new plans. I would be consumed with dread over the fact that a decade has passed and it is bloody 2020. But 2020 is truly a special one because I’m carrying a tiny human being and bringing life in to this world. That’s a huge achievement so far! And of course we’re in the midst of building our dream home.

With that 2020 will bring a new exciting chapter to my life. I have always been fond of fresh starts, whether its a new day, a new week or simply turning over a fresh page in my note book. The beauty of New Years and fresh starts, is that only you make the rules so they can be as big and wild or small and powerful as you wish. 

No.1 Being more selfish and self aware

The question is whether I continue as the ‘same me’ or the ‘new me’? The answer’s pretty straight forward for me, I’m quite content with the ‘same me’, however there’s always room for development and a few adjustments I’d like to make in 2020.

If there’s one thing I definitely want to change in 2020 based on what I learnt in 2019 is that I did way too much. I realise that I need to be a bit more selfish and mindful of my own limits. I’m not saying I need to make everything about myself, but simply saying no to things I don’t want to do is perfectly okay. For instance if I don’t fancy going out for a night out, and would rather stay at home (in my pajamas’s) I will do without feeling guilt ridden or made to feel bad for the choice that suits me. I guess the same applies to anyone.

Over the years I have mastered the ability to speak up when I don’t agree with something. Now, I just want to be clear the intent here isn’t to be rude or offend someone its to be more open and transparent. In the past I’ve often pinched myself when reflecting back on conversations and the very thought crossing my mind ‘why didn’t I just say something’ and before I know it too much time has passed to say something. This involves telling friends or family when they have upset me, tell people when they are being hurtful towards me or generally if I disagree with something.

Just as a subtle reminder it’s totally acceptable to be honest with people about your feelings without feeling guilty about the fact you maybe letting others down.

No 2. Social Media Plans

When used right, social media is a wonderful thing but it’s easy to let it take over, especially when you have a passion for it. I’m ashamed to admit that I can often spend way too much on my phone and can’t help but feel I’ve been robbed of so many opportunities where that time could have been used to do something productive. One of the functions I learnt on my iPhone last year is the ability to set limits and time frames for using your phone and social apps. Which means I can’t use social media between certain times of the night or before I’m up and ready in the morning. It’s truly life changing!

I’m also streamlining who I follow and my own content to ensure social media is a happy positive space. I like to see the reality of peoples lives but also use social media as a place to lift me up, I love seeing people do well and be happy so keeping negativity off my feeds is a really important part of my life in general and my social media strategy. And I plan to keep this going throughout 2020.

No.3 Personal Growth

There are usually two predominant movements around the New Years resolution subject and whether you are camp “New Year, New Me” or “New Year, Same Me” doesn’t really matter, both are full to the brim with positive intention and its all about the resolutions and changes that work for you!

I like to take a little blend of the two and run with that throughout the year, its still the same me, but better, perhaps “New Year, Better Me” could be the next thing? I spent a lot of time over the past three years as a blogger focusing on trying to be the best blogger within my niche, trying to reach for the stars. However, I realised summer last year that it really didn’t bring out a side of me that I liked very much. So these days as awfully cliche as it sounds, I focus on being a better version of myself and happier.

My resolutions are pretty chilled this year and there’s definitely no world domination on the cards and that really works for me, but if world domination is your thing and you have things you significantly want to change then go you!

No 4. Baby Dhillon

Things are about to get a whole lot controversial with a baby on it’s way. Especially because it’s our first. The excitement and nervousness are both eminent feelings I have at the moment. Nervous because I’ll be responsible for a tiny little human being which I will call my own and excited because we are about to start our own family.

With a baby arriving soon I’m aware prioritisation, organisation and routine are key to managing a new born. Now let’s be honest this all boils down to how the baby behaves, but I hope to have some routine.

And as I’m reminded often things will change in life, but for the better of course! If we weren’t mentally prepared for this huge commitment we wouldn’t have gone ahead with it. Now the number one goal before Baby Dhillon arrives is to finish up the renovations of our home and decorate the nursery.


Photos taken by Anastasija Je


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