Goodbye screen-time, hello me time

Whilst I might have been M.I.A. from the blogosphere recently, don’t be fooled into thinking I’ve been too busy ‘digitally detoxing’ to write. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s become so embarrassingly obvious lately, just how much time I’ve been devoting to my beloved screen. Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

From the moment I wake up, to those final Tiktok scrolls before bed- I am without a doubt, looking at a device. If it’s not Microsoft Teams & emails, then it’s online shopping or in front of a TV. And yet I wonder why there’s always signs of a headache brewing?!

So, loves, I decided it’s time I changed it up & took care of myself by committing to reduce my screen-time. I thought I’d keep it real with you, share the small changes I’ve made so far and let you in on a few of my main motivators for ‘switching off’ a little more.  

  1. First reason, there aren’t enough hours in the day

My first thought was that I’d have more hours freed up to snuggle my baby boy, but realistically, it also means I can start ticking off the growing list of household jobs. Or, perhaps, pick up that book I’ve been using as a coaster the last month? 

  1. Secondly, a girl needs her sleep

Us mums know that sleep is precious. And let’s not kid ourselves, a ‘quick browse’ as we climb into bed almost certainly snowballs into a great deal of unplanned minutes (or dare I say hours) of scrolling. Not only that, but the ‘blue light,’ of a screen is literally proven to skyrocket the brain’s production of a sleep delaying hormone- melatonin. Not helpful when your baby hasn’t mastered the lie-in yet.   

  1. Finally, to be present in the present 

I have to ask myself, when was the last time I genuinely ‘switched off’ to spend uninterrupted time with my loved ones? The constant stream of incoming emails, WhatsApps and Instagram likes could make anybody anxious. If I’m not sneaking a peek at my notifications, I’m definitely thinking about it. 

But don’t get me wrong, with all the motivation in the world, it is STILL a struggle to unplug! I’ve found that staying active has played a huge part in keeping me inactive online. I’ve started walking whenever I get the chance, putting my phone in my pocket & just enjoying my surroundings. As you would expect, it has been doing wonders for both my mental and physical health!

I’ve also turned off the notifications. Do I really need to see that email or text as I’m sitting down to eat dinner with my family? Turning off social media notifications themselves has helped me reduce that constant pull to just ‘quickly check,’ my home screen. I do miss them though…

And finally, I’ve sacrificed my evening scroll for a good night’s sleep. This, by far, has been the biggest challenge. Luckily, I have my husband right next to me who is always slightly too happy to point out that setting a morning alarm, doesn’t require replying to 3 emails & posting 2 stories. 

Let’s be real, it isn’t easy switching off in the world we live in. It’s easy to feel as though everybody needs us 24/7. But let’s be kind to ourselves and start with the small changes that over time, become habits.

I’ll keep you guys updated, but in the meantime, let me know if you’ve tried doing similar… and if it had a positive impact?

Tej xxx

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