Why I’m loving oversized blazers and why the hype?

Ever since this trend started appearing in early 2019, the oversized blazer trend is only becoming more popular. Some of you maybe wondering how can I tackle this look?

Let me reassure you; the oversized blazer trend is easier than you think my friends.

What is an oversized blazer?

For this trend, we are not talking about a women’s boyfriend blazer.  We are specifically referring to a men’s blazer that a woman is wearing.

So first, where do I get an oversized blazer from?

Fear not, oversized blazers are found everywhere and all you need to do is hit up any men’s department. I have a few favorites; Zara , ASOS, MOSS

To save yourself some cash, ladies I also suggest raiding your husbands, boyfriends, brothers or in my case Dad’s wardrobes to find the perfect oversized blazer.

A few tips!!

Here’s a few things to consider before picking out an oversized blazer:

  1. A men’s blazer in a size that fits you
  2. The blazer sits on the top of your thigh/bottom of your backside
  3. The blazer is a neutral colour or a neutral plaid (start off with neutrals first before you jump into coloured blazers)
  4. The overall silhouette is boxy and not a fitted silhouette

How do I style a oversized blazer?

It’s super simple! Personally, I love styling oversized blazers with a hoodie and jeans. Dependent on where you’re going this outfit can be styled either with heels or flats. Honestly it’s such a effortless look, which is super casual, chic and comfy.

I’ve picked out a few oversized blazers;





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