The beauty of buying sustainable furniture online?

With the new renovations and now decorating Dhillonshome, I’ve vowed to shop for quality over quantity—not only in my wardrobe but every area of my life, including the items I bring into my home. As I continue to spend more time than ever inside, I’m particularly interested in finding the best furniture and accessories online.

Purchasing quality items is a sustainable way to decorate your home. This year I’m making an exerted effort to find pieces that are sustainable in the long run and those I can upcycle. I can attest to the fact that there is certainly a distinction of quality that differentiates from impulse furniture from its newer and mass produced counterpart. I realise that comes with a hefty price tag though, so I’ve turned to Facebook Marketplace, which is quickly becoming a favourite of mine for online shopping (and an addiction). You can honestly find yourself a great bargain and not pay through the roof! Over the weeks I’ll be sharing all new purchases on Dhillonshome so keep your eye’s peeled.

Right now I’m on a mission to decorate our hallway area. Currently I have an obsession with Neptune and CharlesTed. There’s so much inspiration I’m taking from their console styling.

P.S. My advice to anyone decorating – tackle one room at a time! Otherwise it quickly becomes very overwhelming and from experience we end up purchasing items we don’t love!



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