The Top 5 Empowering books to read this spring

Last Sunday I posted a few of my thoughts on the ‘digital detox,’ I’d recently taken up. If you missed it, you can read about it here

For the record, I’m still going strong, and slowly learning to resist the nightly temptation of a few TikTok scrolls. To be honest, I’m really enjoying not being glued to my phone every spare minute of the day, and I think Mr. D is too! Plus, switching off in the evenings & ‘switching up,’ my night-time routine has left the perfect reading-sized gap in the day. 

So, I thought I’d share with you my Spring 2021 reading list, for those that need some inspiration, or those that just like to be nosey. I’ll warn you though that with a 10-month-old & short attention span, it could take me until Spring 2022 to read all of these. But hey, it’s always good to be ambitious!

So here it goes, my Spring 2021 reading list:

First up, we have The startup wife by Tahmima Anam. As a woman working in the corporate (still largely male dominated) world, this book is top of my list. The novel follows ambitious PhD student, Asha, as she designs a game-changing social app. Yet as its success grows, she begins to realise her male counterpart, Cyrus, is the one gaining all the credit. Sound familiar? Described as a ‘lesson for sticking up for yourself,’- I think most women could do with having this one on their list. 

Next, we have the novel What it feels like for a girl by Paris Lees. Paris Lees is both a journalist and transgender rights activist, and that is reflected in this story following a 13-year-old’s escape from an oppressive home into Nottingham’s ‘dazzling underworld.’ I absolutely love books that address real thought-provoking issues but in a funny and light-hearted way, which is something this book promises to do as it dives into issues surrounding identity and gender. I’m excited for this one!

Number 3, The hill we climb by Amanda Gorman. We can all remember the moment that 22-year-old Gorman stood dressed in yellow Prada and recited her powerful poem at Biden’s inauguration. Not only beautiful & well dressed (we all know I love a yellow ‘fit), but she was strong & fierce. This book is only released in 2 days’ time and promises to dive deeper into Gorman’s genius- even containing a foreword from Oprah. 

Now, my friends and family will agree here- I am a hopeless romantic. Maybe not so hopeless in that I’m married, but I am still obsessed with love. For anyone reading this & nodding along, Who’s loving you by Sareeta Domingo is one for your reading list too. This is a collection of stories written by 10 female writers of colour as they explore the topic of ‘love and longing.’ I am hoping this can be one of those books to just dip in and out of when I get a few precious minutes to myself!

And last but not least, Me Not You by Alison Phipps. If you’ve ever heard of the term ‘intersectionality,’ but not quite understood it, this book dives into just that, as it unpacks oppression as a whole. Too often, the popular feminist movements we all know and hashtag (I’m guilty of it too), can actually just reinforce oppression of women that aren’t your stereotypical white, middle class or cisgender woman. This sounds like a gritty read, but also a refreshing one. Let’s make our movements actually count, for all women.

So, there we have it, my next few weeks of evening entertainment lined up! As much as I love getting lost in a Romeo & Juliet kind of book, with the limited time I have, I’m determined that every read inspires or educates me in some way. Hence a few of the heavier topics laced into these books.

Tejinder xxx


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